Neil Byzick

After forty years in the accounting profession, Neil Byzick, C.P.A. and owner of Byzick and Company, still finds joy and purpose in helping his clients find the best solutions to their accounting needs. His multi-dimensional background, including studies and field experience in technology, education, business management, certified financial planning and stock and real estate broking, helps to bridge the gap with clients outside of the accounting realm, offering them a diverse perspective with regard to their finances. His expertise alone isn’t what has made him a successful accountant. Neil stands firmly on the belief that both his staff and his clients are a part of the Byzick Family. His vision has secured Byzick and Company’s position as a small but mighty leader in the Oregon and California accounting markets.


Lindsay Jensen

Lindsay Jensen, C.P.A and managing partner at Byzick and Company, never thought she would become an accountant. Although her father, Neil Byzick, has always recognized and nurtured her knack for numbers, her career path only became clear after she completed a retail internship in pursuit of a Bachelor’s in Business Management and realized it was not the right match. Instead, she found that accounting wasn’t just in her blood -it was in her heart. Lindsay stayed at Oregon State University an extra year to complete a second bachelor’s degree in Accounting. After working in the audit practice at KPMG Portland, she transitioned to working in the family business not only to allow more time to raise her children, but to develop a more personal connection to her clients. Passionate about the notion that building relationships is paramount to driving success, Lindsay is most proud of the family-friendly atmosphere at Byzick and Company.