At Byzick and Company, we have always believed that family comes first. From our close-knit and long-standing employee base to our loyal clientele that extends back four decades, Byzick and Company has mastered the fine art of providing high quality accounting services in a comfortable, relationship-driven environment. Our family-owned and operated firm has multiple locations across California and Oregon. We take a holistic approach to meeting the needs of our clients, offering a wide range of services including tax planning and preparation, financial and estate planning, payroll, management consulting and strategic planning for corporations, small businesses and individuals. Our goal is to help our clients approach their finances from a proactive stance and the best way to accomplish that is by taking the time to connect with our clients and our community in a personal way – to look toward the future with them.  

We are proud of our team-oriented approach to projects and the flexible working environment we provide for our staff. Our team members are encouraged to pursue their own areas of interest within the firm, resulting in staff that specialize in estates and trusts, compilations and reviews, QuickBooks consulting, management advisory, CFO services and more. When we aren’t working, our staff members enjoy being involved in our local communities. Together we make up a diverse group including working parents, Big Four alumni, high school sports coaches, competitive cyclists, marathon runners, child care advocates, animal shelter volunteers, chamber of commerce members, theater enthusiasts, orchestra musicians, foodies, amateur photographers and nature buffs. We are as varied and unique as the individuals and businesses we serve, giving us a solid foundation to connect with our clients.

Show me a family of readers, and I will show you the people who move the world
— Napoleon Bonaparte